Friday, March 4, 2011

Long Time No post :o( ENJOY!

So first I just want to say there is an amazing blog hop going on right now over at ( just copy and paste into your tool car.) HAPPY BITHDAY JEN!!!

So secondly:
I just bought a bowdara recently, its amazing, I am a horrible horrible bow tie maker with ribbion so this help amazingly! posted below are so of the bos I have mad and Im so excited! What do you think?

Third: My dearest friends 25th birthday just rolled around and I decided to make her a photo frame and put a photo of her and I in it! She loves butterflys and funky colors! Here it is!
$1 dollar, thats it and paper that I had! I love Michaels!

Fourth: My favorite, my Aunt is getting married this summer and she asked me to make her wedding invitations, this is an idea I am going to share with her to see what she thinks! Your opinions will help too! I also used the bowdara to create this bow!
Information on invite is false, not sure how my Aunt wanted to word it!


  1. I love your bows!! I need to practice them more... haha. I have an award for you- you can pick it up at my blog

  2. omgosh!! the invitation is gorgeous!! It's perfect! I'm sure your aunt will be thrilled =)
    I just became a Follower, glad I found your blog!