Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Award Thank You Lauren

Thank you Lauren from

For this award, I need to list 8 things about myself and pass it on to 4 other bloggers. I have so many amazing bloggers that I should send this award out to but it's only 4! It is for everyone though so feel feel to accept this award and place it proudly on your blog!

About Me:
1. I am a scrapbook Junkie, I do not even know what I have I just am happy buying more!
2. I have my BA is psychology and finishing up my Teaching degree.
3. I am completly obssesed with my Kitty
4. I am a fruity candy freak
5. I am a Disney fanatic
6. I usually spend money faster then I get it
7. I have an amazing boyfriend of 7 years
8. I am totally hooked on Days of our Lives
9. My favorite shows are One Tree Hill & The original Beverly Hills 90210
10. I tried out for American Idol in 2009